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Every young person deserves
to have a safe, nurturing home


Thank you for your interest in supporting Windsor Residence for Young Men. Your contribution will directly benefit our young men by providing assistance to programming and resident related expenses.

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Donate Shares:

There is a big advantage if you donate shares of a mutual fund or a stock to The Windsor Residence for Young Men. Canada Revenue Agency allows you to donate shares and not pay capital gains tax on the sale. You win two ways- you get the charitable donation credit and you also save the capital gains tax. You must donate the shares directly.


1000 shares of "ABC" Fund with a current market value of $10.00 a share and an Adjusted Cost Base of $5.00 per share. The capital gain is $5,000. The 50% taxable capital gain is $2,500. Capital gains tax would be $1,160 (based on 46.4% tax rate). Your tax rate may be different. The charitable donation tax credit is 46.4% on any amounts above $200.

Here’s the advantage:

Donation = $10,000
Tax saved = $4,640 @ 46.4%
Tax saved = $1,160 on capital gain
Net cost = $4,200 to you

Please use the form below. Print it and take it to your Financial Advisor to take advantage of this opportunity to give, and save more, using this method.

Please send by fax: (226) 221-8624
Mail to:
Windsor Residence for Young Men
1505 Langlois Ave | Windsor, ON | N8X 4M3

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Equally important ways you can help:

Food and Household Items

WRYM welcomes donations of food and household items in both large and small quantities. Please contact the Executive Director at if you are interested.


Although our home is fully operational, there is a need for ongoing improvements to enhance the accommodations for our young men. View our priority list


Volunteers are needed for a variety of things throughout the year. Should you be interested in volunteering please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at